Some Natural Dangers

Snakes in the Wilderness

Snakes come in regular and giant size and the wilderness and in particular the jungle is full of them. The Giant poisonous snake often simply drops out of the trees onto unsuspecting travellers. The poison is actually less dangerous than the bite of these natural predators.
The Constrictors can suffocate a human in a few minutes, and are every bit as lethal.

The giant crocodile

This creature is much more stealthy than its smaller cousin and it can hide underwater for 30 minutes just waiting for a passing adventurer. The Giant Croc has a multi attack that includes a vicious bite as well as a grapple attack with its tail. Just a single beast example of this huge beast could present a deadly challenge, especially if they manage to drag a grappled foe underwater.


A patch of quicksand will usually appear solid and might even be covered with debris. In jungle or heavily wooded areas an adventurer who is traveling at normal pace could fail to notice these often large patches of danger. the sucking motion of the quicksand will devour an unsuspecting traveller in short order, and relying on a friend to save you is essential…hence travellers are advised to walk a few feet apart to avoid BOTH falling prey to this natural occurrence.

Salt water Pychids

These are rare, but feared parasites. They are only a couple on inches long, but once they have burrowed into the brain via the base of the skill, they can inflict high levels of pain and paralysis, but they are most known for the ability they have to make the host act and behave in a much more aggressive way. This can be a slow process, so it is not always apparent at first glance.

Stabbing them will NOT kill the creature, but WILL kill the host…if possible they should be removed using extreme temperature to dull the creature and make it fall off…then it can be dispatched as usual.

Unfortunately it may be necessary to kill the host first, and then kill the parasite as it detaches itself in search of a new host.

Some Natural Dangers

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