The Travellers Tale

Shifting Sands

After a pleasant voyage in our small boat, we finally arrived in the Port of Angels in Laurentia.

The first thing that struck us was the heat – phew! Immediately we all bought ourselves some lightweight desert armour, and I also bought some insect repellent and new rations for the next part of our journey, while Freya and Otto kitted themselves out with some new weapons.

After this we were approached by a dark-skinned man in white clothing who said he was the servant of Professor Anmar Hanif. He had been contacted by Sister Maeg Feeny, who had suspicions that someone she referred to as Chameleon Man, and whom we took to be Karrik, had travelled to Kartopolis, the Temple in the Shifting Sands.

Hot on his heels, we set off into the dunes. It was tough going – I kept sinking into the sand while Freya ended up with a scorpion in her shoe, but eventually we spotted the ancient Obelisk in the distance. Ominously, drops of green liquid were visible on the rubble – signs that Karrik had been near.


We were confronted by an air elemental – a neutral being who nevertheless did not want us to pass. The sand blinded me and I could not cast my spells, but Otto managed to sneak behind it, the two of them destroyed it.

We continued into the Obelisk, and descended steps that led into darkness. At the base of the steps, we met four tomb guardians. I turned two of them, and Freya and Otto made short work of the other two. We were in the Grand Temple of Kartopolis, standing in the Corridor of Eternal Light, and Karrik’s voice echoed out of the darkness, promising doom.

After dealing with some fire beetles, we entered a courtyard with a tar pit in the centre. 500 bodies lay around, but when we disturbed them, an umber hulk arose from the tar with four zombies. Freya immediately threw a fire beetle potion that killed two of the zombies, and after a long battle we managed to seriously wound the umber hulk, who slunk back into the pit of tar.

Nearby was an antechamber with a potion that said “Water of Life” – unfortunately when Freya took the stopper out the room filled with water! Luckily, she managed to break through the wall.

Next we entered a chamber of fire with a mirror that radiated magic. I deciphered an inscription and the Raven Queen granted me with a blessing, plus we found some resin that enabled us to mend a broken bridge across to a large chamber on the other side of a chasm.


Here we solved another puzzle and offered incense to Ramses the Winged God, who then appeared before us in all his glory. We offered him the gold we’d found in the other chamber, and he told us the tale of Millandrue, the princess guarded by Vrock in her amber prison. Morutep had taken on human form temporarily and was hoping to free Millandrue to regain his spirit form – it was clear to us that this was Karrik.

We made our way to the amber prison, and fought the flying monster, Vrock, in a long and tough battle. I nearly died, but at the least minute we defeated the monster – it will take me several days to recover, though.

We had cleansed the shrine to Orcus, binding Karrik to his earthly form. No doubt in the near future we will bear the brunt of his fury, but for now we made our way out into the sunshine, and headed back to the port.



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